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Austria is one of the countries we visited on our short jaunt to Europe that I really want to go back to. Like London, I wasn’t too impressed with Vienna and actually only chose it because it was close enough to Salzburg where we could explore it before I began my week-long conference. We actually took a tour of the city that took us through the city and stopped at just the bottom of the alps.

I was unimpressed until we got to the alps. Add that to my bucket list!


Hi, my name is Ashley and I have an addiction to castles.


This is the Schönbrunn just outside of Vienna and the sole reason my dream home, no matter the size, will resemble a castle. We decided to opt for the self-guided tour with audio like we did for La Sagrada Familia. Guided tours are definitely going to be my thing from now on. I can’t hear you, I’m learning about dead aristocrats and how (surprisingly) boring their lives were living in these palaces, shhh.




When I finally made it to Salzburg, I was done. The beauty of that mountain side city? No words.


The view from my husband’s hotel room.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town in my digs, THIS happened:


This was the actual key to my room in Salzburg. I’m too busy to talk right now, I’m busy being a princess in a (almost) castle. BRB.

What’s one city or country that had your jaw on the ground the entire time?

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