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Pro-Tip: Fly into London to save money getting to Europe*

Intra-european travel is so much cheaper than flying in the US. We’ve flown from London to Barcelona for less than 30 USD and London to Venice for less than 60 USD. A flight with similar distance in the US could cost over $200.

My pro-tip for traveling to Europe and saving a few precious dollars (see hundreds depending on the destination) is to fly into London and then on to your final destination. You can take the Eurostar on to Paris for less than 100 USD per person which is definitely worth it depending on what airfare is going for from your home to the City of Lights. Heathrow is a HUGE (pain in the ass) airport and has dozens of flights going to the rest of Europe every hour.

*Just be sure to leave enough room between when your first flight lands and when your next flight takes off. Are you checking a bag? If so, you’ll have to go through customs to get that bag and that may take a couple of hours depend on the time of day and time of year (peak season). Then you will need to re-check that bag for your next flight. I did 2 weeks in Europe the first time with just a carry-on and a backpack to avoid this very dilemna. Also, be sure you know what the cut-off time is to check your bag for your next flight as you don’t want to miss this deadline! That last bit of advice is from personal experience. You’re welcome 😉

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