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Pro-Tip: Use Audio Guides When Available

I can’t speak highly enough about audio guides. Have you ever been on a crowded museum tour almost pushing your way to the front to ensure you can hear everything the guide is saying? And trying to ask for clarification before you’re whisked away to the next room, exhibit, etc.? This can be really frustrating.


Instead of trying to follow along on a usually rushed tour with a guide, take your time with an audio guide instead. This allows you to take your time through exhibits, rewind back to parts you may have missed while gawking in awe or admiration and let’s you have a more peaceful and personal experience. Who doesn’t want that?


Don’t forget to bring your headphones. I always have a pair in my backpack that I used on the plane. Luckily, this little trick has worked on all of the audio devices that I’ve been given. Aside from sanitary reasons, some guides don’t come with their own headphones and instead you have to hold it up to your face to hear it, like a telephone. For a girl with skin problems, I just try to avoid extra things touching my face in general.

What’s your opinion on audio guides? Do you prefer an in-person guide?















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