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24 Hours in Bangkok

My first trip to Thailand was just a few months ago and I’m still recovering from it’s splendor and wanderlusting over everything I missed (which was so much!).

We landed in Bangkok very late and were leaving for Phuket in less than 36 hours before stopping back in Bangkok for a few more days on our short trip to Thailand. Having such a short time in the capital, we wanted to pack as much into that first day as possible.

We woke up around 8am, got free (see “included”) breakfast at the lounge in our hotel and set off. We were literally across the street from the metro so after asking the concierge in our hotel how to get to the temples, we were on our way. We took the metro to the other side of the city to catch the water taxi which took us to see a few temples. Without further ado, a few photos of Bangkok, Thailand:











It was so hot in Thailand in December that we were absolutely wiped out! We totally missed out on the nightlife but that’s why there are 2nd and 3rd and 4th trips, right?

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